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Are you looking for boutique services on a budget? You’ve come to the right place!

We offer municipal decision makers comprehensive solutions for cost effective recreation facility management and/or operations services.

With a full-service operations and management team, we have been operating arenas, pools, and recreation facilities throughout BC and Alberta for over 20 years.

Our expertise in the fields of facility management and operations, recreation programs, maintenance and janitorial planning and operations, marketing and advertising, food services, volunteer services, and facility design and consulting services provides you with outstanding results.

With our competitive rates, we can support you to achieve your targets all while being fiscally responsible.

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Our services

Management & Operations

We have an exceptionally strong industry reputation for running clean, safe, efficient, and fiscally responsible operations. We are often approached by schools, colleges, and other municipalities for guidance and strategies on improving their facility management and operations.

Recreation Programs

We are truly passionate about serving the communities we work in. We design programs to suit your diverse population including people of all age groups, ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, fitness levels, and abilities. Our focus is to deliver the WOW factor in all of our services.

Maintenance & Janitorial

First impressions play a pivotal role in everyone’s overall experience within a facility. Our commitment to provide the “right” atmosphere to the patrons of our facilities has led us to demonstrate that an enjoyable visit begins and ends with a clean facility – one that everyone can be proud of.

Marketing & Advertising

The programs running in your facilities play an extremely important role in promoting a healthy community. To successfully meet the local and regional markets in your area, we will deploy a complex promotional strategy that generates awareness to increase facility usage and program registrations.

Food Services

Providing food services is a central hub for people’s increased enjoyment, relaxation, and general happiness. With our winning team of concession experts, you’ll experience an increase in concession productivity through sales and improved customer service, all while reducing expenditures.

Volunteer Services

We provide volunteers with training, resources, work experience, and exciting opportunities to support their personal and professional goals. Infused with positive feedback, rewards, and recognition, our program celebrates our volunteers for their remarkable dedication.

Facility Design & Consulting

Our experienced team will assist you in designing a cost-effective arena, aquatic centre, fitness room, or multi-plex recreation centre. By keeping the FUNCTION in functionality, you will save money and resources over the life of your new facility.

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