Management & Operations

Management & Operations

We have an exceptionally strong industry reputation for running clean, safe, efficient, and fiscally responsible operations.

We are often approached by schools, colleges, and other municipalities for guidance and strategies on improving their facility management and operations.

Is your facility experiencing any of these issues?

  • Staffing challenges
  • Inconsistency in staff performance
  • Lack of preventative maintenance
  • Limited trend reports
  • Non-compliant occupational health & safety standards
  • Shoestring plant operations
  • Dysfunctional building maintenance systems
  • Little to no quality control
  • Regular conflicts with scheduling
  • Frequent facility closures
  • Excessive spending for critical and urgent repairs

If so, our team of experts will create custom solutions for your unique facilities and community.

Customer Service

We are serious about customer service and it shows in our approach to doing business with our staff, participants, and guests in the facilities we manage.

Our award-winning customer service training program is tried, tested, and true. All employees participate in customer service training, annually, which ensures a consistent customer experience.

Our customer service concepts begin with our 7 Unifying Principles:

  1. Genuine Respect
  2. Absolute Trustworthiness
  3. Collaborative Teamwork
  4. Open and Honest Communication
  5. Perpetual Growth
  6. Earnest Reverence
  7. Joyful Humour and Goodwill


We focus our communication strategy on 3 key client groups, each with their unique interests, motivations, goals and objectives;

  • internal clients, our team members,
  • external clients, the municipality and community we serve, and
  • guests, participants, and visitors who come into the facilities we manage.

The foundation of our communication strategy is based on our 7 Unifying Principles and specific techniques we practice ensuring precision and clarity.  These principles guide our messages, promote harmonious working relationships, and ensure quality services.

Quality Control & Assurance

We are deliberate about compliance and ensuring that standards, processes, and regulations are always in check. Our procedures, inspections, and audit reports provide measures that demonstrate our products and services have met your expectations.

We maintain operational integrity within our operations and we have multiple formal assurance checks that sustain high levels of service.

Here are some of the few strategies we implement:

  • Facility Advisory Committees
  • Joint Management Meetings
  • Monthly and Annual Reports
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Internal Quality Control Processes
  • Aquatic Staff Competency Audits
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Facility and Workplace Inspections
  • Internal and External Facility Audits


Our commitment to provide the “right” atmosphere to the patrons of our facilities has led us to demonstrate that an enjoyable visit begins and ends with a clean facility – one that everyone can be proud of.

We develop protocols, check lists, and systems that are critical for effective maintenance programs. Custom plans, tools, and resources are created for your facilities and Recreation Excellence employees are trained to ensure compliance with each step.

Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity Planning

Each community we work in, we create custom emergency preparedness and business continuity plans that ensures our teams have all the resources and equipment necessary to handle emergencies or closures in the initial minutes, hours, days, and subsequent months.

Our detailed plans consider all aspects of the business, including these key areas:

  • External and Internal Communications
  • IT Support and Hardware
  • Remote Work
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Effective Shutdowns and Startups
  • Creative Programming Solutions

Operator Safety Program

We are proud to have access to the lowest WCB rates available in this industry.

Our established policies and procedures comply with legislated regulations and align with industry standards.

We invest in standardized onboarding of all Recreation Excellence team members and provide formal quarterly and annual training on prevention, protocols, and procedures. We also support individual certifications, awards, and tickets, as well as professional development opportunities for teammates.

When you’re ready to discuss a new and effective way of managing and operating your facility, let’s talk!

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