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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Arena Programs


Chill out.

Arena facilities accommodate much more than just ice sports—they often serve as venues for trade shows, concerts, commencement exercises, and other community events. At RecEx, we specialize in coordinating multiple users and bookings, and can help you expand your arena usage, while accommodating the needs of your user groups.

Our managers and staff specialize in operating, managing, and promoting community arenas. We work diligently to develop positive, proactive relationships with your user groups. We provide a full suite of comprehensive resources while ensuring maximized, equitable ice and arena allocation policies.

Need to fill your facility after the ice melts? We also actively pursue, develop, and implement additional programming and events to maximize facility usage while reducing operating costs. In other words, we can help you and your facility be productive all year long.

Tom’s background in the Recreation Profession …. has been a tremendous asset to our team, Council and the community. Tom was an invaluable part of our team and was able to provide input from both an owner’s and operator’s perspective, thus bringing balance to the process. I highly recommend Tom Watson for any major project requiring a professional approach,integrity and the ability to carry out and deliver what you require.

- Jerry Spencer, Director of Parks & Recreation,Chilliwack, BC

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